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MEDICAL PG Question Bank


Yagna Question Bank Series is primarily intended to help Medical student apearing for Post Graduation Entrance Examinations.

Yagna Question Bank Software can be used by student launch online examination within computer/laptop. It does not require internet connection.

Key Features of Yagna Question Bank:

  • Desktop Based Windows Application.
  • Student and Teacher Friendly Interface.
  • 14000 + Medical PG Question Bank.
  • Chapter-wise Objective Question and Answer Database
  • Objective Q & A Database with Browse support.
  • Question paper generation based Randomly Distributed Questions from each subject
  • Unlimited Online Examination
  • Unlimited Question Paper Generation
  • Chapter-wise performance matrix with % of question covered + % of score.
  • One Year Activation Key.
  • Free software upgrade during activation period.
  • Question paper and Result can be Stored in local machine.
  • Question Paper Printing option for reference.

Additional Feature Available in Ultimage Package:

  • Self upgradable Question Bank, i.e
    • User can modify question in the data-base.
    • User can add new question in to the data-base.
    • User can delete the question in the data-base.
  • Software supports direct text/images/mathematical content copy from Microsoft world.
  • Question paper generation based on manually selected question
  • Question and Answer Paper can be save as .RTF (MicroSoft Word Editable Format)

Download and Buy Question Bank:

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